Nick Robinson joins NOOSE on Bass

NOOSE bass parts are not easy to play! So following the departure of the very talented Mike McKinnon in December 2017 (now a guitarist with the Hip Priests) we’ve been on a long and difficult search to find the right replacement and we are very pleased to welcome Nick to the band!

His first rehearsal went well and Nick is quick learner, so hopefully he’ll be all up to speed in time for his first live show with us at The Maze in June – see you all there!!

Nick Robinson

Hailing from Helston, Cornwall; Nick learnt to play bass whilst immersed in the vibrant music scene around south-west Cornwall.

After crossing the river and moving north to pursue a career as a professional skydiver, he decided it was time to end the eight year hiatus from live music!

Believing that all you need is a Fender bass played stupidly loud through an Ampeg; Nick also likes cats, the colour green and mango.

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