NOOSE is a four piece Rock-Punk band based in Nottingham.

Originally formed for fun in 1979 by punk rock loving kids, then again when they had learned to play in 1999, with lead guitarist, singer, songwriter Andrew (Roo) Cragg and long time friend and fellow childhood trouble causer Gary Marlow on bass, along with jazz drummer Paul Bailey. Years later in 2002 Colin Smith joined as rhythm guitarist and backup singer.

2003/2006 saw the band try a different lead vocalist John Applegate and a stint with drummer Jon Morgan who once played for Doctor and the Medics. They managed to produce two albums during this time ‘Get Knotted’ in 2003, then ‘Fallen from Grace’ in 2005. Material from the albums is still being played to this day. Eventually Jon and the band split and the search was on for a replacement drummer.

Many, many miserable auditions and months of time went by until Col happened upon a drummer on Musofinder whose profile said he was too busy, so don’t bother getting in touch, so obviously, Col sent through a fateful message to see if he was interested…

And he was, because the music turns out to be just what he’d been looking for all these years, and so, the current incarnation has been around and gathering momentum since October 2014 when drummer Jamie Rhodes-Simpson joined the band, and in 2017 another change of lineup saw Mike McKinnon join the band on bass.

The end of 2017 saw the departure of the very talented Mike on bass (now a guitarist with the Hip Priests). Mike had hoped he could continue with both bands but the schedule for the Hip Priests was just too much, and so the search was on for a replacement bass player.

It took a while because NOOSE bass parts are not easy to play, but in February 2018 we were pleased to announce the arrival of Nick Robinson.

Roo is a native of Long Eaton, Col lives in Wollaton, Jamie harks from the north-west but now resides in the much more pleasant town of Ripley and Nick hails from Helston, Cornwall and now lives in Bingham, Nottingham.

NOOSE have played support gigs with local fellow punk bands including Hung Like Hanratty, The Vibrators and Verbal Warning, and opened for the UK Subs in Nottingham on their 2016 and 2017 tours, XSLF (Stiff Little Fingers) in Ripley on their 2016 tour and Vice Squad on their 2018 tour.